We assist domestic and international individuals with compliance and implementation of strategic planning to help navigate complex tax landscapes in order to achieve their financial goals. We help you keep up with the changing regulations, work through nuanced compliance issues and help you with filing requirements. We take into account each individual’s situation and objectives in order to deliver a customized solution that meets their expectations.

  1. 1 IRS offshore compliance procedures
  2. 2 Expatriate tax compliance
  3. 3 Resident and nonresident tax compliance
  4. 4 Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) compliance and planning
  5. 5 Foreign Bank Account (FBAR) and asset compliance
  6. 6 Foreign trusts, estates and gifting (Form 3520)
  1. 7 Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) reporting
  2. 8 Section 933 compliance and planning for Puerto Rico residents
  3. 9 Deferrable blocked foreign income compliance
  4. 10 Tax compliance for relinquishing U.S. citizenship and U.S. permanent residence status
  5. 11 IRS and state tax representation