Future Focused.

At Harper Pearson, we help our employees focus on their future. But that only works if each and every one of us at the firm also has a career path to which we feel connected. We’re looking for talented individuals who are driven to get ahead, whether accomplished accounting professionals or those just now beginning to build their legacy.

We are currently seeking the following positions:

Assurance Seniors
Assurance Staff

Tax Manager
Tax Seniors

We are always on the lookout for talented and highly qualified public accounting professionals, regardless of specialization.

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Spring Internship: Progress Starts Here

Harper Pearson’s exclusive Spring Internship program gives students hands-on experience. As a working part of our staff, interns tackle tough challenges while gaining valuable experience along the way. They receive the same experience as their full-time counterparts, and are paid as staff—including paid overtime. But, more importantly, they receive:

Big Picture Experience

Interns are assigned to projects from start to finish, experiencing everything from planning to fieldwork—as well as a variety of industries and situations. This means building a more comprehensive skillset.

Direct Client Contact

Interns get to meet and work with clients directly, experiencing their needs and perspectives firsthand. This gives interns a better sense of what it’s really like to work at an accounting firm.

Program Flexibility

We tailor programs to specifically fit school requirements, including positions in audit and tax. The firm also works with students regarding work schedules. So you don’t have to let minor details stand in the way of something big.

Personal Guidance

It can feel tough starting at a new place, especially if it’s your first project. That’s why each intern is assigned a colleague who will serve as a guide throughout the participant’s time as an intern—offering support, advice and stewardship.

Structure And Training

Interns receive structured onboarding, training and orientation. Participants are given all of the resources they need to be successful, and can feel good about being properly supported throughout the program.

Like what you hear so far? Ready to take the next step? If you’re looking to hit the ground running with a welcoming team that gives you real opportunity from day one, request more information below. You just might be the future of our firm.

You only start your career once.
Make it count with Harper Pearson.

Our firm is always looking for the next generation of shareholders. Harper Pearson is a popular choice for recent graduates, since those who find a place here will work directly with clients and shareholders from the start. That means more experience, earned more quickly. Because when you learn and grow with the firm and its clients, everybody wins.

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Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Harper Pearson’s performance and prominence comes from its people. That’s why we work hard to take care of our team through an attractive package of financial, healthcare, educational and work/life balance benefits. This includes not only competitive compensation, but also:

  1. 1 Quality healthcare coverage, including flexible spending and HSA
  2. 2 Multiple 401(k) benefits with matching contributions and profit sharing
  3. 3 Employee and client referral programs
  1. 4 Paid parking and an on-site fitness center with paid membership
  2. 5 Overtime and bonus programs (role-dependent)

As a Houston firm, our leadership and client base are local. That means more access and understanding from the top down (as well as less travel). Harper Pearson promotes based on individual achievements, rather than collective group performance. And we also offer education and advancement opportunities that include:

  1. 1 Local and National Training Courses
  2. 2 Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
  3. 3 Paid Becker or Wiley CPA review courses (Up front, Not reimbursed)
  1. 4 Coverage of CPA Exam, as well as paid time off to test and completion bonus
  2. 5 100 percent coverage of professional membership dues

In addition, our size and structure mean accelerated technical development—giving staff members a more comprehensive skill set overall.