Privacy Policy

As professionals entrusted with sensitive financial information, Harper & Pearson Company, P.C. respects the privacy of our clients and understands the importance of treating client information responsibly. In order to guard your nonpublic personal information, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with our professional standards. Harper & Pearson Company, P.C. will not disclose or use information provided to us other than to carry out the purposes of our engagement services. In the event that a third party requests access to information provided by our clients, or our work papers prepared in connection with our engagement services, we will obtain permission before allowing any such access to our work papers or information otherwise derived from our engagement services, unless prohibited by law or regulation. We will advise you promptly upon receipt of any request by subpoena or other court order for access to our work papers or information otherwise derived there from unless prohibited by law or regulation.

The information that we obtain performing our engagement services work papers and documentation are confidential, proprietary, and the property of Harper & Pearson Company, P.C. However, as a result of our services to you, we might be requested to provide information or documents to you or a third party in a legal, administrative, arbitration, or similar proceeding. For all requests, we will observe the confidentiality requirements of our profession and will notify you promptly of the request unless prohibited by law or regulation.

We may from time to time, and depending on circumstances, use third-party service providers in providing engagement services. We may share confidential client information with these service providers, but remain committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of client information. Accordingly, we maintain internal policies, procedures, and safeguards to protect the confidentiality of client information. In addition, we will secure confidentiality agreements with all service providers to maintain the confidentiality of client information and we will take reasonable precautions to determine that they have appropriate procedures in place to prevent the unauthorized release of client confidential information to others. In the event that we are unable to secure an appropriate confidentiality agreement, you will be asked to provide your consent prior to the sharing of your confidential information with the third-party service provider.