Harper Pearson consultants help companies of all types worldwide address mission-critical challenges involving everything from M&A and finance to technology and operations. Our consultants are proven performers in cultivating strategic growth and scalability, while streamlining compliance planning and overall accounting efficiency.


Our firm advises clients on a vast array of business matters. This includes helping understand how to account for various revenues and expenditures, and how these may differ from state to state. We assist in setting up accounting processes that align with business structures, and help clients understand how they compare to similar companies—all while recommending options to improve overall performance.


At Harper Pearson, we have the insights to help clients navigate a variety of challenges and complexities—ensuring they have streamlined accounting processes in place. With ever-changing regulations and an expanding global marketplace, optimizing accounting processes and best practices will continue to be a challenge. That’s why we work hard to stay sharp and up-to-date, giving you a competitive advantage no matter what your goals.


We can help ensure that your accounting management and financial reporting are set up efficiently and effectively. Learn how Harper Pearson can help your business reach its full potential.

  1. 1 Assessing accounting systems and providing recommendations for procedures/controls optimization
  2. 2 Helping clients achieve greater accounting efficiency so they can focus on their core business
  3. 3 Recommending options for performance enhancement
  1. 4 Helping clients understand policies and regulations for their business
  2. 5 Assisting in growth planning and implementation
  3. 6 Set-up for new ventures