Widespread Knowledge in
Wholesale and Distribution.

The wholesale and distribution industries streamline the global economy by helping both buyers and suppliers live up to commitments. From industrial materials to restaurant supplies, this $5.3T industry demands excellence in accounting systems and practices to remain competitive. That means mastering your understanding of issues such as market-based inventory strategies, credit management, tariff impacts, sales tax intricacies and more. Harper Pearson brings not only strong tax guidance, but also mission-critical business advice that goes beyond the balance sheet.


Our reporting capabilities allow you to compare key performance ratios with a baseline of other businesses in the wholesale and distribution industries for powerful insights.


Quality, timely audits can be mission-critical for your organization. Acquiring total understanding of your revenue streams, our teams test and verify information effectively and efficiently.


When, and by what methodology, you buy or sell inventory can have a tremendous impact on the balance sheet. Our professionals bring industry-specific strategies that can help you optimize.


From upcoming state and local tax changes to foreign tax credit utilization and transfer pricing approaches, let Harper Pearson bring clear answers and strong options to tax decisions.

Harper Pearson Perspectives on Wholesale and Distribution
What is a lease these days, anyway?

The Financial Standards Accounting Board (FASB) recently issued a new standard changing the definition of how, exactly, you define a lease. So get to know ASC 842 well, or risk problems from improper implementation of the rule.

Is product bundling an option?

If you need to get inventory off of your books quickly, don’t forget that bundling products to the right customer segments could be a way to move inventory quickly while preserving margin.